Knee Surgery in Lyon

The Lyon School of Knee Surgery was founded by Albert Trillat in 1969, with a view to promoting research in the orthopaedic field and to enabling its members to acquire and to disseminate their knowledge by organizing courses, conferences and congresses.

Faithful to his ideas, Henri Dejour and his students have maintained and kept this Association alive, thus allowing the Lyon Knee Surgery Days to take place regularly, dedicated alternatively to degenerative, patellofemoral, and meniscus and ligaments problems.

Our organization is currently relying on orthopaedic surgeons of the same school who work either in a university hospital or in a private structure.
The interference between those operating modes is fruitful and requires a permanent questioning from us, which is the engine of all progress.

This website is aimed at improving our exchanges with the orthopaedic world, as an extension of what we already develop with the Lyon Knee Surgery days.